How Alkalizing Foods Help With pH Balance

Bananas are an example of alkaline food.

Alkaline foods and beverages along with calcium provide a healthy treatment for common digestive issues. Any person who has experienced heartburn or gastric reflux is familiar with that burning sensation in the abdomen and chest. The problem is that the Standard American Diet (also refered to as SAD) contains too many acidic beverages and foods that leave an acidic residue in the body. Alcohol, drugs, Soft drinks, coffee, meat, candy, and processed foods all add to the acidification and side effects in the body. In contrast, a healthy dose of alkaline foods and beverages in the body helps to neutralize acids.

The human body is intended to maintain a proper balance of pH. Therefore, the more a person consumes the correct ratio of alkaline drinks and alkaline foods, the better the body works. For example, some soft drinks are acidic beverages that people drink often. Cola is so acidic that it can actually get rid of rust on a piece of metal. By consuming it, you are forcing the body from maintaining a healthy balance of pH. In contrast, alkaline drinks (herbal teas, pure water and mineral water) act as a weapon assisting the body in its natural process of trying to maintain proper PH balance.

The feelings of heartburn, acid reflux and indigestion are all signs of an imbalance in our system. By opting for alkaline beverages and foods more often, you will give the body the nutrients to trim down the acid as well as keep up a healthy balance of pH. Saliva is alkaline, so be sure to chew food well (at least 25 chews per bite) to create an internal environment of fertility. By eating the right foods you can total cleanse your body and bring about a more alkaline balance.

Highest Alkaline Forming Foods: banana, string beans, dandelion greens, figs, dates, prunes, Swiss chard and raisins, asparagus, almonds, avocado, beets, fresh beans, blackberries, cranberries, carrot, chives, sour grapes, endive, kale, persimmon, dried peach, plum, raspberries, rooibos tea, spinach and pomegranate.

Other Alkaline Forming Foods: alfalfa, agar, apple, globe artichokes, fresh apricot, bamboo shoots, sprouted beans, snap beans, most berries, Brussel sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, cantaloupe, celery, chestnuts, cherries, chicory, collards, coconut milk, fresh corn, daikon, cucumbers, eggplant, garlic, escarole, ginger root, grapefruit, gooseberry, guava, kelp, raw and  fresh horseradish, kohlrabi, lemon, leek, lettuce, lime, mango, loganberry, melons, fresh milk,  acidophilus yogurt, millet and whey.

In general, almost all organic produce will bring a state of balance to your system. Focusing your diet on these alkaline foods will help in cleansing of the mind, body and emotions. A highly alkaline diet consists of foods that are 80% alkaline foods and 20% acidic foods. This ratio of 80:20 will help to maintain a slightly alkaline pH of the body fluids and the blood. You can actually test the balance of PH in your system. pH strips examine the pH of the urine and saliva will give you a reading of the state of your alkalinity, but it is not 100% precise.

A blood sample taken by a qualified physician trained in this procedure is the best way to determine your pH level. But this is not really necessary if you know the symptoms of an acidic state in your body. All symptoms of illness and disease show an acidic pH.

Once you start the process of cleansing, your pH will temporarily become more acidic as the toxins are being pushed through and out of the blood stream. But, if you eat the right foods in the correct ratios you will soon bring balance to your system.

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