How to Eat Vegan and Healthy in South Florida

When I was younger, I was not a big fan of Florida in general. It seemed so flat and blah to me. When my mom bought a place in South Florida, I began bringing my young daughters for vacations. It was always an easy, inexpensive vacation for us. And, as a single mom, funds were […] Read more »

My Top 5 Gluten-Free Grain Picks

Everyone is avoiding gluten these days, especially with more and more being uncovered about its negative effects on our health. Many suffer from Celiac’s disease, which can have debilitating effects if left unchecked. Others, myself included, have intolerances to consuming gluten. These intolerances can range from mild to severe as well. Since I am a […] Read more »

How to Body Cleanse with a Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet should be a lifelong way of eating. In order to maintain optimal health, one must give dedication to consuming a healthy diet the same energy as a religious conviction in order to enjoy the health benefits a healthy diet, such as the Mediterranean diet, will bring.   Decades ago, this type of food consumption was […] Read more »

How to Help Relieve an Impacted Colon Through Diet

An impacted colon is a widespread medical problem. If it is not treated promptly this disorder can lead to severe digestive health issues. For this reason, it is essential that you be acquainted with ways in which you can avoid the discomforts of this issue. Despite the fact that the causes of an impacted colon […] Read more »

Body Detoxifying with Chlorella

Chlorella is green algae with numerous health benefits including improved immune system and chelation of heavy metals from the blood. Chlorella is considered a perfect source of food, like spirulina, but more difficult to produce. It is cultivated in ponds of micro-algae, through a process that begins as a marine plant and finishes in green […] Read more »