Surviving an MRI-Guided Biopsy and Discovery of my Second Breast Cancer

Four and a half years after my initial diagnosis with a stage one aggressive breast cancer, I really felt that I was almost out of the woods as far as a recurrence is concerned. I had almost reached the five year mark, at which point my risk would drop substantially. I had monitored my situation […] Read more »

What You Can Expect From a Breast MRI

As a veteran of every modality of monitoring the breast, I have endured many MRIs. And, let me tell you first hand that the breast MRI is not a pleasant experience. Don’t get me wrong. I know that the MRI is a very effective tool at picking up on abnormalities. And, along with ultrasound and […] Read more »

The Breast Biopsy – Why I Am A Human Pin Cushion

As a survivor of breast cancer, I find myself the subject of almost “routine” biopsies. My cancer was aggressive and a high grade so my radiologist is on top of every new little cyst or growth inside my breast. Each time I go to have routine screenings every few months, I always wind up enduring […] Read more »