Whole Foods for Detox Cleansing

Delicious whole foods are key to good health

Eating whole foods is the most important thing you can do for your health. Whole foods are foods that are as close to their natural or original state as possible. That means they have not been refined or processed. It also implies that they are not modified and free of additives like preservatives and colorings. Whole foods have many different categories. Vegetables and fruits are great examples of whole foods. Seeds, nuts, lentils, beans and peas are considered whole foods as well. Eggs and milk may be included in this category even meat, fish and poultry if they are unadulterated.

The reason why whole foods are better for detoxification is that these kinds of foods are unrefined and contain no chemicals, colorings and preservatives that are added in the refining process. Usually, refined foods are stripped of the nutrients which make them nutritious for us to eat, however sometimes nutrients are replaced by the use of additives which can make the body toxic. Even if refined foods are fortified with water soluble vitamins like vitamin B as well as vitamin C, they are far from ensuring good and complete nutrition like the vitamins that are naturally occuring in whole foods. Refined foods lack fat soluble vitamins such as fiber and vitamin E. Refined foods may also be loaded with sodium, sugar and other additives that are intended to make the taste and texture more appealing but do nothing for you in terms of nutrient value. In fact, they can be detrimental to your health.

Whole Foods, however, provide a more complex diet composed of phytonutrients, chlorophyll and digestive enzymes. Whole foods are also packed with natural antioxidants. These foods can boost the immune system, balance the digestive system, and cleanse the blood, colon, liver and kidneys which will lead to better overall health and efficiency of the body.

If we consume whole foods and eliminate processed ones, we give our body a chance to detox cleanse and purge the years of damage and waste it has stored. In addition, we build a healthy body, with better protection against free radicals and toxins. We may resist aging and many diseases through whole food consumption.

With all the marketing strategies that are behind the processed foods you will find on the grocery store shelf, how can you really say that you consume natural, healthy, whole food? Here’s the key: look for its processing. If the food has been pasteurized, pre-cooked, molded, shaped, and contains added sugar or preservatives, that food is toxic and not good for the body.

Many nutritionists even recommend keeping away from dairy products. Think about it. Dairy products originate from an animal such as a cow or goat. Cow’s milk is intended for baby cows, not humans! In order for a female cow to product milk, she must be pregnant. Cows are kept pregnant intentionally so that they will continue to produce milk for their infants. Do you really want to consume something nature intended for a baby cow? You wouldn’t even consume human breast milk, which most would think is a disgusting proposition.

For detox cleansing, opt for organic vegetables and fruits. Stay away from refined foods and consume raw and whole foods such as vegetables, nuts and fruits. If you consume meat, be sure to consume meats that are produced from animals that are grass fed and free roaming. Your meat is only as good as the animal that it comes from. If you consume meats that are produced from animals fed corn and other fattening products, the quality of its meat will be poor.

Eating whole foods after all will lead to great health benefits. You will be providing your body with nutrients and vitamins that are just not available in processed, adulterated foods. Current research shows that processed foods are responsible for many of our largest health crises such as obesity, diabetes and cancer. You can take charge of your health and ensure you will live a healthy lifestyle but taking care to feed yourself foods that will benefit your health and well being.

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