Avoid Unhealthy Foods by Eating Right

Avoid these unhealthy foods and stick to wholesome minimally processed ones.

As a well noted line says: “We are what we eat.” What you put into your body and digest will turn out to be a part of you. When you fill your stomach with unhealthy foods and junk foods, essential nutrients lack in your body which you need for strength and good health. Eventually, this will weaken your immune system and make you sick.

The most unhealthy foods are rich in fats and sugars, making them high in calories. They have little vitamins, fiber, or minerals and do not make you feel full. Therefore, these types of foods are considered “empty calories” and contribute to heart attacks, weight gain, diabetes and cancer.

There is a direct correlation between the proportion of healthy and unhealthy foods which a person eats and their health. As an individual eats more unhealthy food that is rich in fat, and sugar, they will increase their waistline and gain weight. As this happens, they increase their blood pressure and cholesterol levels while increasing blood glucose levels. All these metabolic effects of unhealthy foods then increase the threat of developing several chronic diseases that are linked to a range of health problems from stroke to death.

Eating junk food is linked to health problems and chronic disease

Here is an unhealthy foods list. A food is classified as an “unhealthy food” if…
  • It provides “empty calories”. These types of foods are rich in calories but have little nutritive value. A doughnut is a good example of an empty calorie food. If you eat a standard donut, you consume about 200 calories – mostly from sugar and fat. There is little to no nutritive value. No minerals or other nutrients can be found in a donut.
  • It doesn’t provide enough fiber. A food low in fiber means that it is much harder for the body to rid it as a waste product after it is digested. A good example would be white bread which is low in fiber. With 2 slices of white bread, you only get about 1 gram of fiber which is not enough for you to maintain regularity which is a factor of good health.
  • It removes nutrients from your body and leaves you nutritionally deficient. A good example would be drinks high in sugar, caffeine and phosphorus such as soft drinks. Sodas will not provide your body with any nutrition. They are rich in sugar, caffeine and phosphorus that cause the body to leach calcium from the bones.
  • It can harm the body in one or more forms. An example of a food that harms the body is margarine and other foods that contain hydrogenated oils. When an oil is hydrogenated, trans fatty acids are formed. Trans fats harm a number of systems in the body and are linked to diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and obesity.

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