Learn How to Harness Your Driving Force

Driving force

What is the driving force at the core of your actions?

Have you ever thrown that thought around? It is actually quite important to recognizing who we are at our core. The thing that drives us. The part of us that makes us act. The force within that causes us to react to daily situations in our lives.

Knowing what drives us is not always something we recognize. It took me well into adulthood to acknowledge that what drives me and affects me to my core are usually fear, anxiety and anger. And, while these might be considered negative emotions, I found a way to harness the potentially damaging thoughts that accompany these emotions and turn them into action.

Learning to do this actually became a prominently positive force in my life when I was diagnosed with cancer. It was the fear. It was the anger and it was the anxiety that drove me to take control of the steering wheel and drive myself into wellness.

Connecting to what drives us can be an epiphany in our lives. Turning what may be perceived as negative emotions into a driving force can actually turn things around for us and create laser focus from which we can work to attain our goals.

Our underlying motivation can be any range of emotions that are at the core of what drives us. Not all of our driving emotions are negative. We can also be driven by love, joy, compassion and other more upbeat feelings. These feelings can be turned into motivating action as well. But, it is the negative feelings that are more likely to do us damage if we don’t try to convert their negative affects into positive actions.

Twisting the negative emotion into a positive reaction may take some navigating. I have learned over the course of my adulthood that making the most of my negative energies and converting them to more productive actions keeps me from feeling stifled, stuck and unproductive. The good news is that with some practice, it is possible and it does get easier. The trickiest aspect of harnessing your driving force may be recognizing what it is that is currently driving you. Today it might be fear, tomorrow love, next week anger, next month compassion.

The following resources explore ways we can harness our fear, anxiety and anger into positive action. Reframing our negative thoughts into thoughts that create positive action is so important to our wellness and healing, especially if you are dealing with a disease like breast cancer.

What drives you? If you don’t know, you may want to give it some thought. Learn how to train the
“monkey mind” into a wave of positive energy that moves you forward. You may just possibly change your life as a result. Flipping your emotions into useful tools is vital to our well being. Keeping our mental energy positive will aid in healing our bodies.

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Driving force

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