Dry Brushing to Support Breast Health

Dry brushing is a simple and important method to increase blood circulation as well as promote drainage and support of the lymphatic system. It unclogs pores and stimulates the nervous system. Plus, it loosens dry skin and offers exfoliation.

Manual exfoliation with dry brushing can decrease inflammation. Blood increases in the area that you are brushing which stimulates the lymphatic system and eliminates waste. The waste removal is beneficial as it can reduce puffing of the skin while it tightens. However, these effects are not permanent. That is why you should incorporate a regular practice of dry brushing into your health routine. Once or twice a week is the highly optimal dry brushing schedule that I have adopted into my regime.

Brushing benefits the entire body. But, your breast and underarm area is of particular importance for breast health since the breasts are a static area of your body with minimal movement preventing the lymphatic system from getting adequate drainage. Stimulating the breast and underarm area can encourage this process. It is so important for breast health to keep the lymphatic system draining properly.

Here are a couple of resources that discuss the specific benefits from dry brushing your breast and underarm areas:

Circuelle Foundation
Advanced Thermography Australia

I have been using Belula Brushing for my dry brushing regime. They are inexpensive and made from natural boar bristles.

How to Dry Brush

In my breast and underarm areas adjacent to my breasts, I dry brush daily. I do an all-body brushing once or twice a week. Since my goal is to focus on my breast health, I feel it is more important to brush these areas more frequently.

Be sure to use natural, non-synthetic brushes. Your brush should be natural bristles and should be soft but firm. Don’t use a brush that is firm enough to create pressure but not too firm that it will hurt or irritate your skin.

Begin brushing at your feet and brush upward toward your heart.

Use strokes that are firm in a small circular motion.

As you move up to your arms, begin at the hands and keep working upward.

When you get to your belly, brush in a clockwise direction.

When you brush your breasts and underarms, use the same technique to help with lymphatic drainage.

Brush your face with a gentle, soft brush. Dry brushing your face can help to eliminate acne.

Shower to Cleanse Your Skin After Dry Brushing

When you have finished, shower to clean off the dead skin cells you have brushed away.

Complete the process by moisturizing your body with your preferred lotion. My favorite is coconut oil. Since you have just removed the flaky, dry skin, your moisturizer will penetrate your skin better. With a body oil, a little goes a long way!

How often should you Dry Brush

You don’t want to dry brush more than once or twice a week at a maximum. If your skin is sensitive, dry brushing may not be right for you. Try a gentle, natural bristle brush. If your skin becomes too irritated, you should avoid dry brushing.

Let me know if you try dry brushing. I always love to hear from you!

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