Book – Metamorphosis


In 2020 I wrote a book called Metamorphosis by Denise Peise. The book relays my experiences with 3 diagnoses of breast cancer and the 7 surgeries I underwent to get rid of it.

It outlines what one can expect when they undergo Lumpectomy, Re-Excision Surgery, DIEP Flap Surgery, Removal of the Nipple/Areola Complex and Symmetry Surgery to even things out once you have been misshapen by all of the above!

Metamorphosis includes lifestyle changes I implemented to maintain good health and some yoga poses that have helped me to relieve discomforts experienced after surgery.

I have also posted some of these yoga poses on the Yoga page under Resources.

It is a patient’s perspective. It was a labor of love. I initially intended to create a much shorter guide for newly diagnosed patients in the hopes of dissipating some fears. It mushroomed from there.

It is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle. Click here for Metamorphosis. You can also email me at to order a signed copy.

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