The Soyapower Plus Soy Milk Maker Review

Soyapower Plus provides its customer with a great alternative to processed store bought soy goods. Not only will your intake of harmful chemicals be reduced but you will be able to save money on your grocery bills. This new and improved soy milk maker is loved by consumers who are both new to the organic scene or are seasoned organic pros.

Soy Milk Maker by SoyapowerThis unit pays for Itself quickly! Assuming the cost of soy beans stays roughly the same, I will be able to save my family around $7.50 a week or $390 a year. Even on a bit of a sale, organic unsweetened soymilk will average $2.00 a liter, whereas whole soybeans cost around $.50 a liter. My four person household can easily use 15 liters of soymilk a week. At this rate my Soyapower Plus will pay for itself in just about 6 months. With a 7 year guarantee we have the potential $2,700 worth of savings to look forward to.

Having the capability of making my own soymilk makes the milk my family drinks as fresh as you can get it. With fresh milk there is a pure, refreshing feeling in every sip. We also do not have to worry about aluminum-lined TetraPaks or Hexane extraction. This is an important consideration with all of the information about the harmful effects of these elements being made public regularly. I control what is placed into my family’s milk and can ensure the vitamins are high and toxins are low.

Another benefit of the Soyapower Plus Soymilk Maker is the ease in clean up. This filter-less product allows for quick clean up. After removing the freshly made soymilk simply wash both top storage area and the milk container. Cannot get much simpler than that! You can also save energy. The design of the product allows for a very quiet brewing time and is very energy efficient. The sound is quieter than a blender and lower frequency too so it’s more of a rumble than a blending sound. This allows me to make the next batch of soy milk after the kids are asleep. This is a high-quality device and kitchen counter appliance durability is vital for the success of any product. The handle on the head of the machine is sturdy and locks in the upward position (to help with cleaning) or folds down. With the head unit clamping to the pitcher it virtually eliminates the possibility of knocking the pitcher over causing a spill.

There are a few disadvantages relating to this product but they are minor in my opinion. The unit is warm to the touch during operation. The container can heat up rather quickly while it is working. I learned this the hard way by trying to move it while making soy milk. It did not hurt me but was something unexpected. The pitcher can become a little warm after use and the milk will be very hot when it comes out. It would be rather hard to burn yourself on either the pitcher or the milk because there is a cover of insulated plastic covering the spout. Still it is recommend you allow the pitcher and milk time to cool prior to drinking. Also the markers for the water Level are hard to read. It may just be my eye sight but in certain lighting I had to strain my eyes to read the markers for the water level. This is simple to rectify by product placement. Try and avoid dark or shadow areas of the kitchen to ensure readability.

These disadvantages are no reason to stay away from such a wonderful product. By making your own soymilk you are insuring your family’s health, all the while saving money. In today’s market place it is hard to find a company who makes products to last. Sanlinx Inc stands behind their product with a 7 year warranty and 90 day unconditional guarantee. Soyapower Plus is the next step in the organic revolution and should be on every kitchen counter in America.

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