The Omega J8005 Juicer Review

The Omega J8005 is a commercial-grade nutrition center and juicer. I have found it a powerful kitchen tool that makes quality freshly squeezed juices and is an all around powerful nutrition center that can perform a myriad of functions eliminating the need for other kitchen appliances.

A Powerful Masticating-Style Juicer With All of the Fixings

J8005The Omega J8005 has a 1/3 horsepower induction motor that operates at very low temperatures so it does not affect the potency of raw vegetables. The juicer can juice vegetables and fruits and it can handle greens that are normally very difficult to extract liquid from. If you are looking for a masticating juicer, you will be impressed by the performance of this device. I am a juice junky and when I purchased this machine my first goal was to have the ability to make juice. But, when I checked juicer reviews written by other consumers of this product, the census was that it is much more than just a juicer.

More Than Just a Juicer

A very attractive feature of this Omega juicer is its diverse functionality. It can perform as not only a fruit and vegetable juicer but also as a pasta extruder, homogenizer, grinder, and food processor enabling you to take care of all of your nutritional needs with this one machine. Owning this kitchen appliance has allowed me to replace all of those other appliances that were taking up room on my countertop. It is also less expensive than other commercial-grade nutrition centers and can handle difficult tasks without reducing the nutritional value of the final product.

Quiet and Easy to Clean

It is not common for a juicer to be quiet. A huge plus for me is that when I use my Omega J8005, I don’t disturb the rest of the family when I am juicing my morning beverage. With my previous juicer, I used to wake up the entire household! The unit is also very easy to clean and does not require being taken apart. It does not produce fine pulp and it does not come with a mesh filter like centrifugal models so it is by far easier to wash.

The high yield of juice produced by the Omega J8005, makes its use more economical. You don’t need to use as much produce to make a glass of juice than with other juicers. Attractive and versatile, easy to clean and practical, this juicer earns its high rating.

Before I purchased the Omega J8005, I researched the product by reading juicer reviews written by people who had already purchased and used the product. The juicer reviews I saw were mostly positive, assisting me in making my decision about purchasing this product. I have not been disappointed. I highly recommend this juicer to all of those who are seeking a juicer that is more than a juicer. Its high-functionality warrants the higher price tag of this unit. But, it is an investment that is well worth the cost.

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