The NEW Soymilk Maker – SoyQuick Premier Milk Maker 930P Review

Soy Milk MakerI have been buying store-bought rice, soy and nut milks for years since I found out that I am allergic to dairy products. While the brands I have tried I like and am satisfied with, I am one who likes to prepare foods at home whenever possible. Plus, the store-bought brands of milks I used to buy are costly. And, I don’t like the additives that are often a part of packaged foods that I buy. But sometimes preparation of foods is difficult because of time constraints. So, when I found the Soymilk Maker 930P by SoyQuick, it seemed like a no-brainer. I thought how impressed my family and friends would be if I presented them with homemade milks. And I was thrilled at the prospect of saving money while having complete control over the ingredients present in my milks.

There is nothing like freshly prepared foods. And, when you make them yourself there is even more satisfaction. This is especially true when preparation is as simple as adding the ingredients to an appliance like the SoyQuick Premier Milk Maker 930P. It makes a seemingly difficult task simple and fast.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I ordered the product and immediately unpacked it upon its arrival. I couldn’t wait to put it to work. One issue that I have had in the past when making homemade almond milk is the pulp. I would make the milk in my blender and then run it through a nut bag to separate the pulp. With the SoyQuick, this step becomes obsolete. You can actually control the pulp level. You can leave some pulp behind or choose 100% pulp free milks.

The SoyQuick Soymilk Maker 930P features Grind Right Technology which ensures that the grind you get is perfect each time you use it. And with a 7 year warranty on the product, you have assurance that if something malfunctions, you are protected. I have not seen a warranty that covers such an extended length of time.

Soymilk, rice/grain milks, nut milks and even bean milks are only a few minutes away with this handy appliance. And I was surprised at how simple it is to operate.

To make a pitcher of any of these types of milk, simply fill its jug to the maximum water fill level as indicated. You add the other ingredients to the bottom portion of the jug making certain that the grinding cover and contact power switch are in place. Simply set the milk maker to the correct program you want to use (there are options for soymilk, multigrain or mung milks) and let it run. That is really all it takes.

The appliance starts automatically processing the ingredients into delicious milk. The length of time it takes from start to finish is between 16 and 19 minutes depending on the program you are running and how much milk you are making. The product comes with a strainer that is used once the program is complete. I simply had to strain it into the provided transfer container using the strainer and it was ready to drink.

Along with the simplicity and efficiency of use I found present with this product, I enjoyed the recipe book that came with it as well. I tried making all sorts of milks from foods that I had never before imagined making milk out of. And, the options are endless. Plus, as I mentioned above, the ingredients you put in your milk are completely under your control. At home you are not going to add chemicals and additives, which is the most attractive element of making milk at home in my opinion. Saving money is a wonderful bonus!

The product comes complete with a soybean starter package, cleaning kit that includes cleaning pads and brush, user manual with recipes, grinding cover, measuring cup, hand strainer, power cord and transfer jug. You can also register the product using the registration card that is included with the product. I would recommend that you register the product to ensure that you are covered by the 3 year full warranty plus an additional 4 years of prorated coverage.

I could not be happier with my SoyQuick Soymilk Maker 930P. I save money and take care of my health with this easy to use, attractive appliance. The nutrients I get from my homemade milk are essential to my health. The store-bought packaged products I used to buy simply cannot offer me the same nutritional value.

SoyQuick’s “Revolutionary leap in milk making technology” makes the 930P Premier Milk Maker simple to use and quicker than ever to clean up! You’ve never seen a more versatile, yet easy to use machine as this one. Make smooth, flavorful beverages for only pennies per gallon!

The SoyQuick Premier Milk Maker is more than just a soymilk maker, with its Grind Right TechnologyTM, the machine can make any type of milk, perfectly! Get amazing results with any type of rice; nuts, like almonds or hazelnuts; grains, like oats, millet, or wheat groats; and mung beans. You can also add dates, raisins, coconut, sesame or flax seeds, coffee or vanilla beans, and cranberries to your milks for more unique flavours. The possibilities are truly endless!

The SoyQuick Premier Milk Maker’s precise programming ensures maximum performance. The 930P’s Grind Right TechnologyTM is programmed to achieve A Perfect Grind Every TimeTM! The SoyQuick Premier Milk Maker is up to 40% more efficient than other milk makers on the market, resulting in very little waste. The SoyQuick Refreshing Rice Milk Recipe offers a 99% yield, with no pulp waste!

Designed with easy cleaning in mind, the new filter-less design of the SoyQuick Premier Milk Maker creates a superior milk making experience from start to end. Since the SQ930P does not have a filter cup, cleaning is easy and is done in 30 seconds or less! Rinse and quickly scrub the heating element and grinding cover, clean the jug, wipe the machine head with a damp cloth and you’re done! That’s it! It couldn’t be any easier!

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