How to Body Cleanse with a Mediterranean Diet

Olive Oil is a Major Component of the healthy Mediterranean Diet.

The Mediterranean Diet should be a lifelong way of eating. In order to maintain optimal health, one must give dedication to consuming a healthy diet the same energy as a religious conviction in order to enjoy the health benefits a healthy diet, such as the Mediterranean diet, will bring.
Decades ago, this type of food consumption was the typical lifestyle among most of those living in the region of the Mediterranean Basin, particularly in Italy, Greece and Spain.

Mediterranean nourishment, high activity, an anti-stress outlook as well as modest living had created a way of life that was acknowledged almost immediately as Immaterial Human Heritage by the UNESCO. This way of eating is thought to be the healthiest diet around the globe.

In terms of prevention, consuming the foods considered a part of the Mediterranean Diet is actually the best way to avoid serious illness such as stroke and heart attack. It has also been verified that the Mediterranean Diet can significantly reduce your chances of metabolic syndrome which encompasses a number of health disorders such as: high blood pressure, high insulin levels, unstable levels of cholesterol and extra fat about the waist.

It has also been proven to prevent asthma, lung diseases, Alzheimer, Parkinsons, many allergies, as well as maintaining the bone mass of aging individuals.
Based on recent studies, the Mediterranean Diet has been associated with a lower risk of several types of cancer. The foods that are included in this type of diet also aid in keeping our bodies healthy and will provide an environment necessary for total body cleansing.
The Mediterranean Diet includes the following basic principles and food consumption:

  • Eat nuts as snacks.
  • High usage of virgin olive oil
  • Consume plenty of olives.
  • Consume non-refined carbohydrates
  • Eat loads of legumes, fruits and vegetables.
  • Eat three or four eggs a week.
  • Decrease consumption of saturated animal fats and meat.
  • Eat more fish, particularly oily fish such as wild caught salmon or tuna (although tuna consumption should be limited because of mercury content). Consume three to for times per week
  • Drink one or two small glasses of wine every day, if at all possible opt to drink red wine during your main mealtime; you may also drink white wine or beer as a substitute.
  • Consume yogurt
People who apply the Mediterranean Diet to their lifestyle have a 70 percent chance of a higher life expectancy and an 80 percent chance of having a healthier quality of life, assuming they do not smoke cigarettes. The majority of the genuine followers of this lifestyle do not smoke.

There are endless cookbooks available that offer a myriad of recipes using the Mediterranean diet principles. Restaurants are popping up all over the globe with menus focused on Mediterranean fare.

The foods that encompass a Mediterranean Diet are delicious and nourishing. Incorporating a few of the principles will help to improve your overall health.

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