Enjoy Vibrant Health with Wheatgrass

Wheat grass juice is packed with nutrition.

Wheat grass is a green food much revered by those who are health conscious. It is one of the best natural sources of nutrients. In juice form, it contains 70% chlorophyll, the so called blood of plants. Wheat grass is considered a complete food in and of itself. A pound of wheat grass is equivalent to the nutritive value of 23 pounds of garden vegetables. Because of its fibrous nature, which is hard to digest by individuals, wheat grass must be transformed into liquid form before being ingested.

Wheatgrass juice is well-known for its benefits in the treatment of cancer. Consuming wheat grass juice aids your body in building red blood cells that carry oxygen to each cell. As the oxygenation of the body increases, it helps offset smog and carbon monoxide plus increases endurance during exercise. Wheatgrass benefits scars found in the lungs and can assist in purging drug deposits from the body, purifies the organs and blood, and prevents toxins and acids from building in the body. It aids in increasing the level of enzymes in cells, rejuvenating the body and metabolizing nutrients.

This nutrient-rich grass has 17 amino acids that are the building blocks of protein. The body makes use of amino acids for building tissues of muscle, cell repairing and blood clotting. Wheat grass retains 92 out of 102 minerals found in soil. These include minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. It is a natural source rich in vitamins C and A. Wheat grass contains more vitamin C than an orange and twice as much vitamin A than is found in carrots. Organic wheatgrass is indeed remarkably rich in vitamins B complex, E and K. It produces an effect of vaccination against dietary carcinogens too.

Wheat grass health benefits aid blood cells, glands, bones, hair, liver, kidneys, muscle, teeth, the spleen and other parts of the body. It may be applied to the scalp or skin as well as used as a rectal suppository in order to cleanse the colon. It may be used to clean the eyes, sinuses, gums and teeth.

Wheat grass juice protects the blood and lungs from water pollution and air toxins, cigarette smoke and other heavy metals. It’s also safe and very effective for weight loss because it suppresses appetite and stimulates metabolism and circulation.  An abundant handful produces about an ounce of juice. Drinking the juice within 15 minutes of extraction is optimal. Sip it slowly over a couple of minutes on an empty stomach to provide the most benefit. Gradually increase from 1 ounce per day to about 4 ounces per day and watch how your health improves!

If you are like me and long for the benefits of wheat grass but do not like the taste, there are other forms of wheat grass you can try. Wheat grass is available in supplement or powder form. I add powder to my smoothies or will sometimes add a shot of the juice to freshly pressed juice I make consisting of other greens. This way I mask the flavor of the wheat grass but get the benefit.

While the most beneficial wheat grass is freshly pressed juice that you drink soon after it is made, you can still get some of the benefit that this wonderful grass has to offer. Juice it up, supplement it, or add the powder to your smoothie – whichever way you choose. Drink your wheatgrass. The benefits are just too good to pass up!

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