The Juicing Book Review

In my quest to achieve optimal health for my body, I have taken into consideration the benefits of the new health trend of juicing. Juicing is said to be the process of making and drinking vegetable and fruit juices.

Through reading a few articles on the internet, I discovered that the health benefit of freshly pressed juices are much greater compared to those who eat sold fruits and vegetables.

The Juicing Book ReviewI also discovered that the body can rapidly absorb large amounts of nutrients from the juice of food that are solids and the process of digestion, which is essential when we consume whole foods, was overlooked. Raw vegetables as well as raw fruits contain substances that improve health and the benefits of juicing provide a more concentrated source of easily absorbed substances.

Because of learning what I discovered while reading a number of articles, I browsed Amazon and thought of buying some books on juicing. My attention was caught by the book entitled “The Juicing Book”. As the description suggests, it is a complete guide for juicing to maximize the body’s health and vitality. Its aim is to give the latest information on the importance of juicing for the body, provides details on the differences among the commercially and organically grown products, plus it provides methods on how to get rid your vegetables and fruits from various kinds of pesticides as well as herbicides. So I was curious if their claims were true enough.

I bought the book as I was hoping to find easy and nutritious recipes for juicing. This book is a good book for the person who is just starting to learn the benefits of juicing. It has good information with up-to-date tips of juicing for health reasons. However, as a seasoned maker of juice, I was kind of upset with the contents of the book. This book is best for those who have no understanding or knowledge of why and how juicing is essential for the body.

I’m looking for recipes of vegetable and fruit juices, but the recipes listed in here do not really have a high degree of what I am expecting. So if you’re new to juicing for health, this book would certainly be very useful for you. On the other hand, if you have been into juicing for a longer period of time, I suggest that you search for other books that are worth the value of your money because without doubt, this book is not the best book for you.

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