The Everyday Raw Desserts Recipe Book Review

Dessert doesn’t have to be a guilty pleasure! Not with Matthew Kenney’s “Everyday Raw” recipe book. Matthew’s creativity with raw foods is astounding and the recipes in this book will never leave your sweet tooth aching for more. These desserts are made of pure, natural, unprocessed ingredients. NO sugar, flour or additives at all. Don’t be turned off by the multiple step process some of these recipes call for. You will not be sorry when you indulge in the finished product. Plus, your waistline will be safe.

Everyday Raw Desserts by Matthew KenneyThis book includes many of our all time favorites such as puddings, brownies and ice cream. All derived from ingredients such as nuts and coconut meat with natural sweeteners such as stevia and agave, which won’t spike your blood sugar and is safe for diabetics. If you love desserts but don’t love what they do to you health. Try preparing them in the raw!

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