The Big Boss Juicer Review

I recently purchased the Big Boss Juicer, and for less than $65, I think that it is a great juicer for a relative beginner like me. One of the things that attracted me to it was the fact that almost every juicer review I read about it online was a positive one, and my experiences have been largely positive as well.

Super juicerIts stainless steel design looks great on my kitchen countertop, and I really enjoy that I can trust this machine’s durability. The Big Boss Juicer helps me to make juice, soup, baby food, and when I use it, I know that harmful chemicals have not been added to the end product. Thanks to its powerful motor, I can easily put whole pieces of fruit into its 3 inch wide feeding tube. Some juices, I choose to make by including the entire piece including the peels, but other kinds of juice like orange juice, I opt to make without the peels because I do not like the bitterness. However, all of the juice that I make is pulp free due to the pulp screen that it included.

Pros of the Big Boss

Perhaps my favorite thing about this juicer is that it is easy to clean. All of its parts can be disassembled and placed into the dishwasher, or they can be cleaned fairly quickly in a sink full of soapy water. With a new baby in my family, its essential that I can clean things quickly as every day is busy.

When I am done juicing, I place a glass under the spigot to catch the results of my labor, and luckily the spigot is about six inches high so I can easily place any of my glasses beneath it. Normally, I have more than one glass on hand as the machine tends to make a lot of juice compared to what I could squeeze by hand.

Cons of the Big Boss

No juicer review would be complete without a few cons. However, these issues are all relatively small compared to how much I enjoy this juicer. I find the pulp filter a little difficult to clean because pulp tends to get stuck in the blade. However, after a quick soak, I just rub it with a stiff brush and it gets clean. In addition, the bin that holds the pulp is not clear so I cannot tell how much pulp I have accumulated while juicing. However, since it holds a bushel, it has never been a problem.

The bottom line is that I really enjoy the Big Boss Juicer. It makes juice and other items quickly and efficiently, and I do not feel like I have to spend too much time cleaning up.

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