My Approach To Optimal Cleanse Using Xymogen Opticleanse

I started using OptiCleanse GHI and OptiCleanse Plus at the suggestion of my doctor. He recommended that I use it daily in order to cleanse my system and as a means to get a good dose of amino acids and other important nutrients. Being a person who deals with numerous food allergies, it can be difficult to find a product that is free of all of the allergens which cause me discomforts that manifest themselves in many ways and can be severe. OptiCleanse is made with these issues in mind. It is free of wheat, soy, dairy products and corn. What is even more appealing about it is that it does not contain refined or artificial sweeteners.

As much as I hate to admit it to myself, I am approaching middle age. I have to say my diet is better than most and it is abundant with fiber and fresh fruits and vegetables. Even still, I do sometimes suffer from constipation. Making an OptiCleanse shake daily helps to keep things on track and keep my system regular.

When I make my daily shake, I use it as a meal replacement. Since it is not a low-calorie food, I can’t afford to consume the approximately 200 calories per shake between meals. Typically, I will have my OptiCleanse shake first thing in the morning as a breakfast drink. Depending on the flavor I am using, I sometimes add some fresh fruit to it which makes it a complete, delicious meal. For example, for me, the chocolate flavor is delicious and satisfying on its own. But, if I am switching it up and using the vanilla flavor, I like to add some fresh berries to it in a bowl with a little bit of freshly ground flax seed. This makes it more of a pudding that is delicious and very filling. I don’t have to eat again until lunch. This is a great solution for me because I am on the go and it makes grabbing a quick breakfast easy.

What is even more convenient is using the OptiCleanse blending cup with blender ball. I love this clever tool because it is not only a convenient cup that I can drink right out of, but it includes the blender ball which is a metal coil that is left in the cup. When you add water to the cup and shake it to mix, the coil helps to dissolve the OptiCleanse powder for a well-blended shake.

Nutrients are abundant in the OptiCleanse formula. One serving provides 24 grams of protein. As a vegan who does not eat soy or wheat due to food allergies, ensuring a good dose of protein is essential. The nutrition labelon OptiCleanse says it all – this is a well-balanced supplement that provides a laundry list of nutrients.

But, as a clean vegan (someone who does not only avoid dairy products but also processed foods with unpronounceable, undesirable ingredients and refined sugars), the most appealing characteristic of OptiCleanse Plus is its list of ingredients. It is short and natural. There are no fillers or chemicals in this product and only natural sweeteners are used.

The entire product line and varying flavors are available through the website. Xymogen is a manufacturer of professional grade supplements. Typically, all Xymogen products are available only via recommendation by a qualified health care professional. My doctor was able to provide me with a log in so that I could order the product directly via the Xymogen site. Many traditionally minded doctors may not be as open to the use of products such as OptiCleanse Plus. My wonderful doctor is a holistic MD. He is a unique doctor. After he served as a traditional Gynecologist for over 30 years, he shifted his practice to that of a more holistic one and now sees men in addition to women. He is a rare find. He is so knowledgeable about the human body and how it works. I have never been able to find another doctor like him. But, have faith! With some research and digging, you can find a good holistically minded doctor who is open to alternative approaches and not tied into the conventional way of thinking. Searching members on the American Holistic Medical Association website can help you to locate one of these doctors.

Eating a well-balanced diet and including OptiCleanse Plus as a replacement for breakfast or even lunch helps me to maintain a healthy weight. This is essential as my metabolism has been slowing up over the last couple of years!

The benefits of OptiCleanse Plus are many fold. Providing so many essential minerals, vitamins and nutrients and serving as a satisfying meal this product rocks.

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