The Waring PJE401 Juice Extractor Review

The Waring PJE401 is a compact fruit and vegetable juicer that takes in almost anything to produce nutritious fruity shakes in a matter of minutes. It comes with various attachments for a customized food preparation that is specific to each type of food so that nothing is wasted when it comes to the nutrients that you can get from each piece of apple, carrot, cucumber, or pear. The unit is easy to use, and its small, compact size makes it the ideal machine for small spaces.

PJE401 by WaringFeatures of the Waring Juice Extractor 
The Waring PJE401 comes armed with a stainless steel blade that chops up fruit with ease. The machine uses centrifugal force to squeeze the juice out of the pulp and the juice flows down through the strainer before it pours out of the spout. The machine also accommodates the use of disposable paper filters that allow users to remove any trace of fruit pulps from their juice. This also allows users to put in virtually any kind of fruit they can think of and not have to worry about miniature fruity pulp particles mixing in the finished juice.

The Dishwasher-safe covers and bowl make clean up easy. One can twist the cover to open it for cleaning. The small frame of the machine makes it easy to store in the cupboard when not being used.

One of the main problems this unit has is that the plate breaks easily when it encounters seeds in the fruit. However, some users have gotten around this problem by simply avoiding fruits with seeds. Apples, celery, and carrots, for example, will not be a problem when placed inside the unit.

Users love the power that the Waring Juicer can produce. It can go through the toughest and most fibrous fruits without any signs of effort. The entire unit also looks and feels sturdy. Components fit snugly together and the parts are durable. The filters, which one needs to remove fruit pulp, are also readily available, unlike in other brands where one has to purchase special filters for their juicers. The straining also allows users to get more juice from the fruits. The stainless steel body of the upper portion of the unit gives the unit a sophisticated look.

The Waring PJE401 is a tough, sophisticated little juicer that does what it is supposed to do and more. The stainless steel blades allow for effortless chopping of fruits, which facilitates the initial release of the juices. The unit also comes with a number of features that allow for easy clean up-such as the disposable filters and the dishwasher-safe bowl and cover.

Waring technology makes nutrition easy and delicious. This premium Juice Extractor features commercial quality stainless steel cutting blade. The strainer basket and internal mechanisms plus a powerful induction motor Extract the best of your favorite fruits, vegetables and herbs to produce nutritious pulp-free juices in minutes. Our extractor is designed to easily disassemble for quick dishwasher safe cleanups and an optional Citrus Juicer attachment makes this an even more versatile drink maker.

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