Cleansing with Whole Foods

Cleansing your body is such an important process in staying healthy. And, you may not realize it but you can prompt cleansing in your body by eating foods that are healthy. Processed junk foods and highly processed packaged foods will clog up your body systems and make your system toxic. But whether you realize it or not, you can control your level of healthfulness simply by nourishing your body.

I realized that I could total cleanse my system when I was diagnosed with cancer. The stunning diagnosis prompted me to examine my lifestyle and take a look at building up my body’s ability to fight disease. Since I had a lumpectomy to remove the cancer but refused other conventional treatments, I knew it was vital that I strengthen my immune system to the best of my ability.

I researched the value of nutrition and the incredible impact it has on our health. I found out what foods I had sensitivities too and I overhauled the way that I look at foods. I cut out the ones that contained ingredients I could not pronounce. I also eliminated the foods that contain high fructose corn syrup, refined white sugar or flour and hydrogenated oils. Since I had found out I was sensitive to gluten, I had to find replacements for the wheat products I loved. Luckily, there are so many folks with gluten intolerance, that this was not difficult at all. Whole Foods is brimming with gluten-free options. I didn’t even have to give up pasta! There are wonderful pastas produced by Tinkyada and other companies made out of nothing more than brown rice. They are delicious, whole grain and they don’t contain gluten. If you search my total cleanse website, you will find many recipes that contain brown rice pasta.

People often wonder how I can possibly give up all of my favorites foods. I have a different outlook. I don’t feel like I am denying myself anything – quite the opposite. I have found satisfying replacements for all of my old favorites. And, I have retaught myself the art of cooking. You can really get creative. And, there are so many cookbooks out there that have helped me such as Crazy Sexy Diet. I don’t feel deprived. In fact, I am treating myself to the best food nature has to offer. The varieties of fruits and vegetables are endless. And the greater variety of fruits and veggies you eat, the more nutrients you are consuming to nourish your body.

There is also a question about the extra money that I spend on groceries buying organic, whole food products. The truth is that I am investing in my health and future. By practicing prevention now, I am significantly reducing the potential for high medical bills in the future. Health must prevail. And, if you don’t have your health you really don’t have anything. I look at our grocery expenses as an investment in my family’s health.

On a typical day, I will have a berry smoothie for breakfast. The ingredients are all pure, cleansing and whole foods:

Berry Smoothie

  • Fresh or frozen organic mixed berries (blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries)
  • ½ banana
  • 1 small scoop of Barley Green powder
  • 1 tablespoon of freshly ground flax seed
  • Coconut water as the base

Blend all ingredients in a blender or magic bullet. Enjoy!

This will carry me over until lunch.

For lunch I will typically have a huge fresh salad consisting of as many organic ingredients as possible. Since salad is a melting pot of goodness, you can really add anything to it to make it satisfying and nutritious. However, be careful about adding fatty dressing that contains all kinds of ingredients that you really don’t want to eat. I will mix a bunch of leafy greens, red pepper, chick peas, red onion, endive, etc.

Here is a light, delicious dressing that I make from scratch:

  • Juice from half fresh lemon
  • 1 tbls of Extra virgin organic olive oil
  • 1 tbls walnut oil (for Omega 3 benefits)
  • 1 tbls Balsamic vinegar (or to taste)
  • ½ tbls freshly ground flax
  • Sea salt, black pepper, granulated garlic, dulse flakes, sesame seeds (for calcium)

Combine all ingredients well and pour over your salad. Yum! If I am really hungry, I will also have some gluten free crackers or rice cakes with my salad.

For dinner, I will make any number of things. A favorite is a piece of wild caught salmon and broccoli sautéed with garlic in a little coconut oil. I use coconut oil instead of olive oil for cooking because it stands up to heat better and is heart healthy. But, as with any saturated fat, it should be consumed moderately.

For dessert, I will either make homemade raw ice cream (great recipes can be found in Everyday Raw by Matthew Kenney) or have a store bought coconut based or cashew based ice cream. Just watch the ingredients. Sometimes wacky stuff is snuck in there that you really don’t want to eat.

Shifting to a total cleanse diet does not have to be painful or depriving. It can actually be super satisfying and so nutritious that you will feel better than ever. That is exactly what happened with me. I feel so good on my (not-so) new lifestyle that I would never consider going back to my evil old ways. I have come to think of those damaging foods as not really foods as all. They don’t tempt me and I have never “cheated”. When I consider all of the damage they can do to my health and well being, I would rather stay away!

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