Vitacost Has Great Customer Service

I love Lundburgh Wild Rice Cakes. I eat them often for breakfast with a little raw almond butter and a smudge of honey spread on them. It is a delicious, nutritious meal or snack. Whole Foods is like euphoria to me. It’s got all of the foods I insist upon without all of the crumby junk brands that are typical in the supermarket setting. However, when it comes to everyday stuff like rice cakes, I find often has better prices – especially if you spend over $49 and get their free shipping deal.

A problem with I have found is their inconsistency in how they package orders for shipment. A few times when I have incluced rice cakes in an order, they have come smashed up in the box because the almond butter jar was left to float around in the box. On other occassions, the rice cakes have been packed in a separate box within the bigger box protecting them from demise.

I do have to give credit for great customer service, though. When I complained about the rice cake arriving as something similar to popcorn, they quickly replaced all of the packages that I ordered. They have always been quick when responding to any questions or issues that I may contact them about. But, honestly, aside from my rice cake issue, I haven’t really had any problems. Shipping is fast, food is fresh and money saved is always a good thing!

You do have to be a savvy customer when shopping at either Whole Foods or Vitacost. I have found that there are instances where Whole Foods is actually less expensive than Vitacost or even other “regular” supermarkets. Know your stuff and shop wisely. In my opinion, spending more on organic, whole food is an insurance policy for your future. You will end up spending less on your healthcare while you look and feel great.

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