The Vitamix 1710 Professional Series 500 Review

The angels sing every time I look at my Vitamix 1710 Professional Series 500 countertop blender. I have used many blenders that were fine. However, I had no idea how inadequate they were until I purchased a Vitamix. This commercial-grade blender makes the smoothest smoothies I have ever tasted! Where other blenders leave clumps and chunks, the Vitamix does not so much as leave a seed intact. It is no wonder that Jamba Juice and other professionals use these blenders for whipping up their smoothies. It’s got a 2+ peak horsepower motor which makes this a versatile appliance that can handle pureeing, mixing, chopping, blending and more.

Vitamix 1710/500Yes, versatility is a big selling point here. You can even make shaved ice with this blender. The stainless-steel laser-cut blade can stomp ice in mere seconds. For jobs that result in a creamier, thicker food, a patented tamper is included that allows the foods to be pushed down into the blades for perfect blending every time. It is always clear to me when a Vitamix has been used for a job as opposed to a mere mortal blender.

I have made fresh, hot soups out of whole vegetables, which come out incredible. The 64-ounce BPA-free jar provides ample space and can accommodate large quantities of output. To blend your masterpiece, place the ingredients into the jar and the powerful vortex guides ingredients up and down the blade and through the center in order to ensure thorough blending each and every time.

The power and force of this countertop blender even heats foods up for you making them ready right out of the blender jar. This is ideal for those raw foodists out there. You can enjoy a warmed food without killing the enzymes that heating foods at higher temperatures would do.

The Vitamix 1710 Professional Series 500 comes with a 7-year warranty and is quite possibly the most important piece of kitchen equipment you can own. The extended warranty only reinforces the quality of this product. The manufacturer stands behind its durability – not something seen very often these days.

The versatility and power of this machine can handle the jobs of a regular blender and food processer in one. It is equipped with three pre-programmed settings that will make perfect smoothies, frozen desserts and hot soups with the flip of a switch. The included recipe book has 100 recipes and the DVD will help you to get started!

The highly-rated, always reliable Vitamix lives up to the hype. It is certainly pricier than some other blenders. However, the quality, power and durability is unsurpassed and well worth the investment.

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  1. Good review. Love this blender. Does anything, basically acts like a Food Processor.

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