The Sharper Image Stainless-Steel Super Juicer Review

Sharper Image Stainless-SteelThere are many benefits to having a juicer in the home. Fresh, all natural juice provides your body with vital nutrients, helping you get and stay in optimum health. Vegetables and fruits are full of vitamins and minerals and you avoid the added sugars, preservatives and other harmful ingredients that are often found in store-bought juice.

To start juicing, you need a juicing machine. The Sharper Image 8021SI is a top quality juicing machine made of stainless steel, which allows you to produce fresh juice in your home quickly and easily.

I found this juice extractor easy to use. Simply slide in pieces of fruit or vegetable through the top wide-mouth feeding tube. I like that the tube is so large that it is able to accept whole produce, saving time from not having to cut up the foods into small pieces before inserting them. With this juicer you can use anything from apples, pears, cucumbers, zucchinis and other fruits and vegetables to create juices at home. The juicer comes equipped with a pusher used to push down on any inserted pieces of fruit or vegetable to prevent it from getting caught in the feeder tube on the way down.

Another helpful feature I like is the large-capacity pulp collector which gathers and holds any pulp from the vegetables and fruits as you make your juice. You are then able to simply throw the pulp away, or use it to make muffins, salsa and other delicious goodies. The pulp collector ensures you get the most out of any food you use for juicing, rather than it just getting wasted.

I have a small kitchen area so I am always looking to maximize my usage of space. Another admirable feature of this Sharper Image juicer lies in its relatively small size. Most full-size juicers are incredibly large and take up too much of my counter space to leave out through the day. This juicer measures in at only 13 by 8 ½ by 15 ½ inches, giving me the freedom to leave it out on the counter without it hogging up a lot of my much needed space. The shiny stainless steel exterior is classic and goes with any kitchen décor.

All removable parts of this Sharper Image juicer are dishwasher-safe, other than the base of the juicer which contains the powerful 700-watt motor. I found the instruction booklet handy and informative as it offers recipes and tips on how to use the juicer. This fruits and vegetables juicer is certainly an excellent option for the beginner juicer who is just getting started and wants an easy-to-use juicer that is still top of the line and of professional quality.

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