The Omega Juicer 1000 Review

Good health is on the mind of many people these days, mostly because we are more informed as a society and have recognized the dangers of eating a poor diet. Eating more fruits and vegetables is the key to doing that, but we often do not get the recommended servings in our daily diet. Below, you will find an in-depth look at the Omega 1000 Juicer, developed to create some incredibly tasting juice loaded with all the nutrients required by the body for optimum health.

1000 OmegaThe Omega 1000 Juicer is a fine product that gets very good customer reviews, which is always important. When consumers invest in a product, we should have a better understanding of its qualities, its pros and cons, all the while staying within the budget. As for this model, it does exactly what it promises. So, a consumer can rely on its capabilities to create healthy drinks to start off their day, within just a few minutes. I make a fresh glass daily before I start my day and I love this juicer!

Put away those store bought juices that are filled with preservatives, sugar or other sweeteners and opt for an Omega Juicer to quench your thirst and supply the vitamins and minerals we need to stay healthy and energetic. Omega Juicers designs are perfect to ensure longevity. These are meant to last and work to perfection with every use. The Omega Juicer works by feeding the vegetables and fruits into the chute, then grounds them in a stainless steel drum, trapping the pulp and straining the juice.

For a totally pulp-free juice, the Omega Juicer can also be used in combination with specially designed filters, much like those used in preparing filter coffee. However, these filters cannot be used with thick fruits and vegetables, like bananas or tomatoes because they will clog almost immediately. Even without filters, bananas can clog up the appliance, as is common with most of these appliances, because these fruits are extremely thick and have a low water content.

Cleanup is fairly easy, mainly requiring the individual to clean the chute and remove any pulp that has been trapped in the strainer. I use soap and warm water and sometimes a scrubber, which does the trick. So, go on and be creative with the different recipes that exist or use your your imagination. Create a nutritious recipe that will satisfy your taste buds and those of your family. It takes just moments to prepare the juice and clean up the Omega Juicer afterward.

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