Natural Nutrition for Sports and Pets

Proper nutrition is just as important for your pet as it is for you.

The most important aspect of sports nutrition is definitely water. The importance of water can never be discounted as the human body is composed of 60%-70% water. All bodily functions would cease to operate without water. The old recommendation of eight glasses of this essential liquid a day is needed because the body must replace the water it eliminates through processes such as sweat and urine.

A balanced diet is one more necessity to ensure you are providing your body the nutrients it needs to perform well for sports. Athletes should get hold of just the right combination of calories consumed from carbohydrates, lipids and protein as the main sources of energy. Another crucial factor in natural sports nutrition is protein. Athletes should eat plenty of foods containing high-quality protein such as tofu, nuts and beans. Stay away from fatty animal proteins as these are detrimental for general health. When you eliminate processed foods and animal products, you will see how quickly cellulite disappears from your frame.

High quality protein should consist of 15% of the calories consumed each day. To determine the amount of protein required for an athlete, the following factors should be taken into account: the level of your fitness, type of exercise you perform (including duration and intensity), and carbohydrate as well as total calorie intake.

The ultimate source of fuel that is important for natural sports nutrition is fat. There are two kinds: unsaturated and saturated. Even though it is an important element in the diet, fat intake should be strictly controlled. Excessive fat intake can lead to serious health problems like cancer, diabetes and heart disease, especially when too many harmful fats such as the ones found in processed foods and animal products are consumed.

Healthy Pet Nutrition

Just as a good natural diet keeps people healthy, the same is true of natural dog food for our beloved pets. In fact, it works the same way for any pet that you might have. Pet foods are natural if they are prepared from high quality ingredients without chemical additives or preservatives in the mix. Added chemicals can be toxic to their systems over time.

Some foods may not contain chemicals, but may be filled with other ingredients that have no nutritional value. These do not allow animals to thrive and maintain good health and strength. Look carefully for different types of natural dog food. Ensure that your pet has the right amount of nutrition. Read nutrition and ingredient labels just as you would for yourself.

Animals need a certain amount of nutrition each day to avoid getting sick, have energy, and to reproduce. Natural pet foods offer essential nutrients that your pet needs to live a happy, healthy life.

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