Healthy Lunches You Can Bring to Work

A healthy sandwich can be an ideal workplace lunch.

Lunch at work is usually full of all sorts of temptations. Vending machines offering sugary, processed treats, biscuits by the coffee maker, cakes in the pantry, fast foods available nearby – all unhealthy temptations. It is so easy to give in and indulge in these goodies. But if you bring lunch to work, you can control the nutritional value of what you will consume for lunch. In addition, it is much less expensive.

Bringing your lunch to work is an excellent idea for many reasons. The benefits of eating a healthy lunch include calorie savings, money savings and even time savings since you can relax for lunch instead of fighting the crowds in the fast-food restaurants. When you pack a brown-bag lunch, you will almost always do better, calorie-wise and fat-wise the experts say.

The key to the success of the brown bag lunch is making your meal more interesting as well as delicious. Lunch is intended to provide approximately one-third of your nutritional requirements. It is not only important that it is interesting and delicious, but also nutritious. In my world, the “clean” vegan lifestyle consisting of mostly raw, organic fruits, vegetables and little to no processed foods or refined sugar is the healthiest way to eat. You can ensure that your lunch is vegan and nutritious without harmful additives when you prepare it yourself at home.

Your healthy lunch should be well rounded, with natural protein, whole grains and lots of vegetables. Here are a few good meal ideas that can be prepared in the microwave oven as well as options that can be eaten without being heated.

  • Prepare a full-size stir fry, using fresh vegetables that are available. Add at least three kinds of vegetables such as broccoli, red pepper and zucchini. Throw in some diced tofu for added protein. Bring a little pre-cooked brown rice with the stir-fry, as well as some organic soy sauce or Bragg’s for added flavor.
  • Eat whole wheat or Ezekiel pitas spread with some good-quality hummus (read ingredient labels or prepare it at home yourself). Fill the pita bread with uncooked spinach, fresh tomato and red onion for a sandwich that is a tasty alternative to fast food.
  • Prepare a cold bean and vegetable salad. Take a can of organic beans, one or two cups of brown rice pasta and fresh vegetables to add crunch as well as color. A scrumptious combo would be white beans, pinto beans, broccoli florets, uncooked squash and shredded carrots. Add some vegan dressing or a little red wine vinegar.

 Prepare your lunch for the next day the evening before. This will save you time during your hectic morning. Leftovers can also work well for lunch. Have fun, be creative and take good care of yourself!

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