Healthy Kids Party Foods

fruit cut outs can be a popular snack at your child’s next party.

Birthday parties are important occasions in the life of a child. For 364 days, they have been waiting patiently for that big day. Parties are fun times and a birthday party for children is twice the fun when you share the celebration with friends, brothers, sisters and cousins.

Make your child feel special on his birthday! Start with your presentation. There are some incredible ideas one can implement when sending out children’s birthday party invitations. Because children are very fond of cartoon characters, you can put some pictures of cute cartoons on their invitation cards. Animals like teddy bears, tigers, giraffes, kittens and puppies are loved by children and will surely bring a smile to the faces of their little guests. Popular cartoon characters such as Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, Batman, Scooby Doo, Spiderman, Mr. Incredible, and Winnie the Pooh can be placed on the invitation to make them more fun and attractive.

Children love to receive emails. And, there are many ecard sites now available from which you can send an animated ecard. Make a birthday invitation with the use of truly innovative ideas. Children love to receive invitations that are customized for them. Hence, let that imagination work and find some creative ways to invite the little ones to your kid’s birthday party. Design an invitation card with a little personal touch and you will surely make magic.

Parties are the best time to celebrate, to have fun and to bond with the family as well as friends. But, don’t leave health behind when you plan your celebration! Prepare foods that are colorful by incorporating fresh vegetables and fruits. Give the children a festive, colorful and healthy food instead of sugary junk food, which is full of saturated fat and refined sugars. There are some great ideas that will help you make healthier food for parties that are really special for children with just a little effort.

Fruit kabobs are a fun, delicious treat as well.

Children are often picky eaters especially at parties. Preparing dishes that children find attractive can sometimes be a challenge. Introducing foods that are healthy at the same time can be even harder. To entice kids with healthy dishes, serve food in fun shapes and allow the child to help prepare healthy appetizers with you. Kids who can assist in food preparation often are more willing to taste the foods they have helped to create.

Healthy foods need not be boring or less satisfactory compared to the usual party foods. Although different, choosing healthy snacks is an opportunity to introduce new flavors and food combinations to kids, allowing them to always enjoy the party as well as the food without worrying about compromising their healthy diet. With a little imagination, many dishes served at parties can be transformed into healthy foods, just make use of ingredients that are low in carbohydrates, bad fats and don’t contain harmful pesticides and preservatives. While this may mean some experimentation, the final result will be even healthier than traditional party dishes.

Usually kids will be happy and satisfied with a variety of snacks and sweets. Preparing sweet foods at parties can be minimized to avoid children crazed from high sugar content, but it is a party after all, and some sweets are acceptable. Parents can keep the sugar content in foods to a minimum by serving them foods that are free from sugar such as sugar-free cupcakes or other treats that are made with natural sweetners such as coconut based ice cream. A colorful fruit kabob can be a healthy and appealing option as well.

Most children will not even know the difference between a sugar-laden treat and one that has a sweet taste but is a healthier option. Color and presentation matter more with little ones. Take advantage of the opportunity to prepare fun, healthy treats for your child’s next party.

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    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about birthday invitations.

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      There are so many ways we can make our kids birthday partys fun, healthy and creative! Invitations complete the package! Hope you check back often.

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