Building Healthy Relationships

We all need healthy relationships in our lives for fulfillment.

A healthy relationship is essential in anyone’s life. You may have healthy relationships with any person in your life – from family to friends to work associates, to anyone that touches your life in a positive way. Relationships need time, care and energy to grow stronger and more meaningful.

What is a healthy relationship?

Communication and participation: The vital part of any healthy relationship is talking and listening to one other. Sharing your feelings with someone and believing that he/she will be there to listen to you and support you goes a long way in helping one feel secure and loved. In a healthy relationship, people do not lie. Communication is based on trust and honesty.

Trust and Respect

In a healthy relationship, you learn to trust and respect people that are significant in your life. While disagreements are inevitable, you discover how to be calm and tell the other person what you are feeling. Being calm helps you to know the true reason behind a situation and it is much easier to understand how to solve the problem. Working through problems makes a relationship tougher and respect is vital. You cannot form or maintain a meaningful relationship without having respect for the other person. It is truly the foundation of any strong relationship.

There are many ways to keep a relationship healthy. Here are a few healthy relationship tips:
  • Keep your expectations sensible. People sometimes disappoint us. However, a disagreement in a relationship does not have to mean all or nothing as far as trust goes. A healthy relationship means accepting the person for who he or she is and not trying to change them.
  • Discuss things. Communication is vital in a healthy relationship.
  • Be open. Nearly all of us try to keep situations just the way we like them to be. It is natural to be afraid, angry or sad when things or people change and we aren’t ready for it. A healthy relationship means change and growth.
  • Look after yourself. Please yourself as well. A healthy relationship is mutual.
  • Be reliable. If you have plans with somebody, follow up. If you have a target, meet it. If you are taking on a responsibility, take care of that. A healthy relationship builds trust.
  • Fight fair. The majority of relationships have conflict. That means you do not always agree on everything. It does not mean you do not love each other.
  • Show warmth. Surveys tell us that warmth is valued with most people in their relationships. Healthy relationships show emotional warmth.
  • Keep your life in balance. Being an independent person with independent thoughts and feelings is vital. Another person can seemingly make your life complete, but you must be able to think for yourself. An overbearing relationship where your thoughts and ideas are muted or disregarded is not healthy or fulfilling for you.
  • It is a process. Healthy relationships are to be learned and practiced and keep improving with time.
  • Be yourself. Healthy relationships are when people can be themselves and not feel they have to behave a certain way to be accepted.

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