Barley Greens for Total Body Cleansing

Barley grass is a great health elixir!

Barley has been cultivated since 7000 BC and has long been known for its nutritional and medicinal value. Green barley is found in various forms, such as a powder or juice. You may use barley as a daily supplement, because it is loaded with vitamins and minerals. Thus, it is an essential part of a total cleansing diet.

Barley was originally grown in Asia and the Middle East. It has been a staple in those cultures for thousands of years when it comes to diet. The barley plant is a common ingredient in alcoholic beverages such as beer and whiskey as well as in flour which is now used worldwide.

A detoxification or total cleansing diet gets rid of toxins from your body and will shed off weight as well. Green barley juice is a great way to get the nutrients available in this wonderful plant. In recent years, it has become popular among many who are seeking an effective, but nourishing body cleanser.

Barley Greens are also available as a food supplement. It is a natural food supplement extracted from the leaves of barley which have been dried and powdered. It is also available in pure juice form. Barley Greens contain large amounts of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and chlorophyll, and has 41 percent digestible protein. Green barley is loaded with a lot of essential nutrients. Including vitamins such as vitamin C and B complex, which can boost the immune system. Green barley contains up to a thousand enzymes, which contain powerful antioxidants. Many food advocates tout these antioxidants as a means to keep their skin healthy and reduce the visible signs of aging.

Other health benefits come from the combination of minerals found in barley greens. They will provide a cleaning process of the digestive system. This is the reason why barley greens have an important role in healthy diets. This can promote regularity, given in small doses every day. The chlorophyll content also helps in the body cleansing process and will also increase energy.

Consuming barley greens is simple, just take it in the form of tablets or dried leaves by combining two teaspoons of loose powder with one-third cup of plain yogurt or a half cup of apple juice. You can also drink barley greens by adding a small scoop to a fruit smoothie each morning for breakfast. Green smoothies provide wonderful nutrients and vitamins. And, they taste delicious!

Barley Green powder or supplements are available at any health food store. Give your health a boost with any form of barley greens.

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